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Stroopwafels: You want 'em, we bake 'em!

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Meet Stroopwafel Sisters

We are two sisters from the Netherlands who like baking stroopwafels. A stroopwafel is a buttery wafer split in half and filled with a rich caramel. Stroopwafels are a popular treat baked fresh on farmers markets in the Netherlands, which is how we like them best. In the U.S. stroopwafels may be found prepackaged in select grocery stores but it is quite rare to enjoy one fresh off the griddle. We decided to do something about this sad situation and set up shop at the Ix Park in Charlottesville, Virginia in June, 2022.


Find Us

The Farmers Market at IX

522 2nd Street

Charlottesville, VA 

Saturdays 8AM - noon

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